Friday, 25 October 2013

1809 Somewhere in Germany part 3 the re-inforcements

Well on Thursday Neal and I made the short trip to Dave's for the third instalment of our battle. We were both instructed to bring some extra troops for the other to use. Obviously we were both gentlemanly about it and no under hand tactics were involved. I supplied Neal with my Austrians and Brunswick troops and he supplied me with some French line units.

The Austrians continued to press their advantage against the woods on my right flank which was recently vacated by my Hessian brigade. First the Austrian Jaegers then artillery were brought up to begin the contest for the church. My light Infantry brigade deployed their skirmishers to face off against the jaegers and provide some cover from the artillery that began to pound my position.

Austrian massed battery commences firing
The broken Hessian's flee through my lines
On my left Flank the first of my reinforcements began to arrive. Four battalions of French infantry were soon followed by a small brigade of two Westphalian battalions. Both brigades with orders to reinforce the position occupied by my cavalry brigade to allow them to retire to cover any other emerging threats. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the table Neal was reinforced by and Austrian infantry brigade and a Brunswick brigade led by the Black Duke himself. They also brought up an extra battery of artillery and a small regiment of Brunswick Hussars.

French Infantry reinforcements
Austrian Infantry brigade and Hussars
Brunswick Infantry brigade and artillery
In the centre the Austrians once again launched an assault on my lines and once again accurate musketry from my line battalions repulsed their attacks. This was to be repeated for a number of turns until Neal changed tack and got involved in a protract musketry duel in which t he Austrian were gaining the upper hand. With pressure now on the centre and my right flank casualties were beginning to mount. Neal's poor dice from a week ago were gone replaced with lots of 5 and 6's.

Austrian pressure on my centre/right flank
My centre under pressure
Now it would be a race to see whose reinforcements would get into position quicker. The Brunswick brigade was already bearing down on my centre obviously urged on by the Black Duke, while the Austrian were more slowly advancing. My French  brigade had taken up position allowing my cavalry to reform while the Westphalian's were on a quick march to my centre to help shore it up.

Battlefield view from my left wing
Battlefield view from the Austrian left wing
Well I'm now looking forward to next weeks instalment. I'm really enjoying this game as it hangs in the balance. It also has a good Napoleonic feel to it. Just enough troops to keep feeding into the line. Fantastic


Phil said...

Nicely done Scotty, a beautiful battlefield (I like your river!)...

Ian said...

What a great battle this is. Have you any figures left to add to the mix?


scotty said...

I don't which could a good thing as the battle might never end. I think both Neal and
Dave have extras

Neal Croudace said...

I've got some more French , but you ain't getting them!

peter said...

Fantastic battle report (part 1, 2 and 3) and pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking game!