Monday, 9 September 2013

The Gents at Old Glory

When I was at the Border Reiver show, I picked up some 15mm Blue moon Austrian Napoleonics off Andy on the Old Glory stand. Now it was my own fault (distracted by some resin buildings) that I didn't notice one of the packs were French and not Austrian. I did not realise my error until this weekend when I got them out the bag ready to do some prep work. So what to do, re order? my suggested just give them a ring and they might change them, if not stick em on EBay. So I took the plunge and gave them a ring. No problems said they, just send em back with details of the replacements that I wanted all will be sorted. Now that is what I call customer service, I cannot complain about that and can't wait for them to arrive. These gents will definitely be getting some more of my hard earned cash. Cheers Andy.

Now onto Ian at the 'Blog with No Name' is holding a giveaway after reaching the milestone of 500posts and his blogs' 2nd birthday. There are some excellent give aways so check it out. But don't go for the brushes or Leven buildings as I want those.


Francis Lee said...

Obviously the brushes are mine sir and good pimping but the brushes are spoken for!

Rodger said...

No, sorry guys but I got there first so the brushes must be mine!!

Ian said...

Always good to hear about good customer service.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens to those brushes LOL