Monday, 8 April 2013

WSS progress part V

Well, I am nearly nearing completion with this project, with just 2 more battalions of infantry and some artillery to complete with a whole year to spare. The next 2 battalions are those of Evans and Tatton. The only information I had apart from the red  coats was that Tatton's foot had green cuffs and waistcoat, so I also went with green stockings as I like the look. The figures are all from Dixon Miniatures and flag from warflag, just a simple St George's cross.

The next battalion is that of Evans. For these there was even less information, no cuff or waist coat colours were given. I went for green as that was the paint pot I had opened. To differentiate them from Tattons I went with grey stockings which is quite common for English foot. Again these figures are all from Dixon.

This just leaves Lalos and Farringtons battalions, both of which are already prepped and undercoated. I also want to add 6 more artillery pieces to bring my total up to 9, again these are already undercoated and ready for painting.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Scotty, what's next on the painting table after the last two foot regt then??

scotty said...

It will be some more Franco Prussian and probaly some 10mm romans

Phil said...

Nice ones Scotty!

Stokie Steve said...

Looking good Scotty. You're certainly a man on a mission!