Friday, 29 March 2013

FPW French

At last painting some blue after what seems like an eternity painting red uniforms I finally got a chance to paint something different. These are the first additions to the French III Corps, III Division under Mettman at Borney-Colombey. The figures are all from Outpost and the flag is from the Warflag site.

I've now got another infantry regiment on the painting table along with an artillery piece. I'm hopeful that I'll get these finished over the weekend. When I get the rest of this division finished I'll go back to the WSS British and finish those off. After this I am looking for a new project to start, Possibly a FPW Bavarian division and a French Guard division or a total change back to ancients. I have a hankering to try out the Hail Caesar rules but in 10mm scale, re fighting some of the battles of Hannibal and Scipio. I think a little research is in order on manufacturers.


Rodger said...

Lovely work on the French Scotty. The Bavarian Div would be my pick!

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Good stuff Scotty, I'm finally getting on with the Bavarian II Corps so hopefully have them ready for our game.
Have a look at the Caesarian Roman 10mm pages on my blog, see if we can pull something together. Didn't get to Neal's on Wed, I wasn't well so well re-arrange when you can get there.

Phil said...

Very nice work Scotty! Hope we'll fight on the same table one day, my next post is about Prussians!
Inspired painting style!

sebastosfig said...

Yup. Go for the Bavarians.