Saturday, 16 February 2013

WSS Lumley's Horse

Finally got this unit based up. Until I receive the extra command pack from Old Glory this will be the last horse regiment I will be painting for a while. Lumley's horse is the largest of the English horse units at Ramilles, numbering 3 squadrons. The figures are all from Blue Moon. The flag and bases from the usual suspects, Warflag and Warbases.

I have also just finished painting up the last of my available infantry figures. These 2 battalions are Webb's and Churchill's foot. Both units are currently being based up and I'll post pictures when they are completed.  Next month I will be putting in an order to get the remaining infantry I need as well as some artillery and brigadiers. Will also spend some time searching the web for some suitable figures to use as Marlborough and his Aide-De-camp.

On a related topic but different war, namely the Great Northern War, I've bought some figures of EBay described as Swedes. Looking at the pictures they appear to be Dixon figures. There are approximately 130 infantry and 30 horse. I am looking forward to receiving them as I can then put together a historical opponent for my Saxon force.

With painting all of this 15mm stuff I have had a hankering to paint up a few 28mm figures. I have had a small selection of Foundry SWAT figures from their future wars range so decided to paint up a test figure. Here he is. I am quite pleased with the results and will use the other 8 as fillers in between more 15mm units.

SWAT trooper
SWAT trooper


Francis Lee said...

Very prolific Scotty, nicely done.

Ray Rousell said...

Your building up quite a collection there Scotty, how many regts, does this make now for the WSS?

scotty said...

Cheers guys. @ Ray That makes 84 foot battalions and 124 squadrons of horse at the last count

Rodger said...

Fantastic !!! They are all looking really good Scotty!

Ray Rousell said...

84!!!!! Good grief!