Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WSS Units

Wow 2nd post of the year. As promised some photos of the WSS units I managed to paint up over the Christmas period. First up is 2 battalions of infantry, Hesse Kassel Leibregiment. The figures are all from minifigs. The flags were done for me by Mick as i managed to locate some black and white drawings for him to work from.

Next up is the Austrian Cuirassier regiment Montecuccoli. These figures are all from Dixon's. I still need to source a flag for the unit I chose these as they are one of the few units with blue cuffs instead of the traditional red of most of the units.

Next up is a unit of Hussars. There was much use made of these in the western theatre by the Austrians, as they were mainly drawn from Hungarian stock and Hungary was in revolt at the time of the war. The figures are part of a batch i picked up from EBay. They are minifigs with a few minor adjustments to the arms to add a little variety to the unit. The uniform is taken from a picture from Ottenfeld's. I believe they are the De Mihaly regiment, but stand to be corrected.

Obviously all troops need some officers to lead them. With the expansion of my forces I needed to add a few more brigadiers. The first 4 are for my Imperialist and the other 3 will be for use with my Saxons. These figures are all from Blue Moon apart from 1 from Warrior Miniatures. I really like the Blue Moon figures and will get some more in the future.

I've got 2 more Hesse Kassel battalions currently being based as well as another Cuirassier regiment waiting bases from Warbase.


Phil said...

Very nice, especialy the Hesse Kassel Leibregiment!

scotty said...

Cheers Phil

Ray Rousell said...

Great work Scott! Love the flags!!!

Ian said...

Wow what an output as well. Nice figures

Rodger said...

Great stuff Scotty. They all look fantastic!

scotty said...

Thanks guys, just painted up another cuirassier regiment that now needs basing.

Paul Scrivens Smith said...

Nice looking units and your work rate is great. I really must get on with my WSS stuff.

peter said...

Most of all I like the cavalry, but those flags are wonderfull to!