Saturday, 3 November 2012


Due to real life getting in the way I've been unable to get any gaming or painting in this week. So today I decided to make some outcrops for my wargames table. I want them to be fairly generic, as I play a number of periods and scales. So banished outdoors as I would be using some polystyrene pieces I managed to scavenge after building some flat pack furniture I went to work.

For the bases I used some MDF from the bottom of an old set of drawers. I trimmed them up to remove the straight edges. Next I went to work on the polystyrene, cutting and shaping until I was happy and then glued them to the bases. I had to use some cocktail sticks to pin the large piece as it was constructed from a couple of pieces of polystyrene. I then coated both pieces with a large mix of PVA glue and polyfilla to help protect them before I get around to painting them up.

Large outcrop
Smaller outcrop
I am still a little undecided on the colour scheme to use, either start with black and work up in shades of grey or work up in shades of brown and tans. Need to decide by tomorrow as they should be thoroughly dry to commence painting.

As my FIW project progresses I have been making up a few purchases. !st off I bought another of the Pegasus models, this time the 2 storey log house. This will take over the place as a trading post and relegate my home made model to a basic homestead. On EBay I picked up a bargain 27 SYW French by Front rank figurines. These will allow my French Regulars to increase to 3 units of 10 with a further 2 officers. There is also a mounted officer if I wish to use one. This leaves my British rather shorthanded , so to start redressing the balance I have ordered 8 militia, 8 provincials and a ranger officer from Front Rank. Next month I will add a couple more militia, ad some Indians, probably from Redoubt for added variety.


The Angry Lurker said...

I like those outcrops mate!

Rodger said...

Great start Scotty. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

David Cooke said...

Nice Scotty. That sort of took me back to Terry Wise Introduction to wargaming.

Ray Rousell said...

Looking great Scott!