Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Re basing progress

Just an update on my re basing project. So far I have completed 20 squadrons of horse and very happy I am with them. See the pictures below.

Above are 3 Imperial Curiassier regiments each of 4 squadrons. Front to back are the 2 Swabian regiments, Von Wurtemberg and Stauffenberg followed by the Franconian regiment Brandenburg Bayreuth.

Next up 2 Dragoon regiments each of 4 squadrons. In front are the Franconian regiment Bibra and in the rear the Swabian regiment Hohenzollern.

I've now got an artillery battery in the process of being based along with the brigadiers and Generals. As my bases arrived from Warbase, I also made a start on some more cavalry and the first of the infantry. I've got 13 squadrons and 15 battalions transferred to MDF bases and sand added, They are a mixture of Hessians, Austrians, Swabian and Franconian Circle troops.
Next up I'll make a start on the Saxon contingent, which will probably use up all of my bases and require another order to Warbase.


Ray Rousell said...

Great work!!! Warbases will love you!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice army! Like Ray said Warbases will love you!


Rodger said...

Great work Scotty. I hate rebasing so I applaud your effort.

peter said...

Looks real good Scotty! Looking forward to the next bunch!