Wednesday, 29 August 2012

More Greeks

In a bit of a change from re basing my WSS collection, I did manage to finish another 12 Greek hoplites, bringing the total up to 32. That would give me 2 units of 16 or standard sized units for Hail Caesar. The figures are mainly the original Immortal miniature plastics with some metal 1st corps figures added in to increase the variety.

Greek Hoplites
Greek Hoplites

With the school holidays slowly coming to an end I managed to drag my daughter around Tynemouth Castle and Priory, in the pouring rain. Taking the benefits of Corporate membership so it only cost me 50p for a pencil for her. It all came to a sudden end when her wobbly tooth suddenly came loose and resulted in us seeking out her mother in the nearest coffee shop. Did manage a few photos though.

The road into the castle
The Priory
The Barbican
The Priory as seen from the barbican


peter said...

Really nice looking unit! Is that a shield with a flag on it?

Also the pictures of that castle are very nice. And that's also something I like to do during my hollidays, visiting castles and ruines. Thanks for sharing!


Rodger said...

Great looking troops Scotty. Cool photos from the castle too.