Friday, 29 June 2012

Battle of Fraser's farm part I

At the club on Thursday a large ACW game had been organised, the Battle of Fraser's farm or Glendale if you prefer. An apt game as Thursday was the anniversary of the battle. The battle was a part of Lee's Seven days Battle to relieve Richmond. The game saw myself and John take up the Rebel cause, we would also have younger George next week to represent the late arrival of Jackson. Arrayed against us were Paul, Tom, George and Mick.

The day did not start to well for me, my initial assault against the union positon was bloodily repulsed. The wooded terrain and the inability to find firing positions for my artillery prooving troublesome. John, advancing from the northern edge found his advance hampered as the union had felled trees across the tracks, the -2 on his manouver rolls and an inability to roll over 3 on the dice some his divisions repeatedly not moving. Just when I began to make some headway I found my right flank come under attack from fresh union forces, evenutally having to throw my reserve division into the fray to check their assaults.

 I've added a few pictures of the battle so far, next week will see a continuation of the batlle and I promise to add more photos.

Rebs launch their assault
Slow progress for the Rebs
Union troops moving into position
Union troops awaiting Ewell's attack
View from the Union positions


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking game and with some luck you'll turn the game around.


Rodger said...

Wonderful looking game Scotty. Can the Reb's do it?

Ray Rousell said...

Some great pics, looks like a top game!!!

Paul Scrivens Smith said...

Good looking game.

I've not played Fire and Fury for over a year now, I must try to get a game in again soon.

Have you tried Regimental Fire & Fury yet?

scotty said...

Cheers guys. Think I still have enough fresh troops to counter attack as long as john can be in position to support.

Paul I haven't tried the regimental version of f&f yet, but may in the future