Friday, 6 April 2012


Last night at the club I put together a quick game of VBCW. It has been a while since we played this at the club. The rules were just improvised as we went, adding much fun to the game with troopers dropping grenades among their own men. The game was based upon the Anglican League - 1st Newcastle Militia, entering the village to pick up an informer from the Red lion Inn, however unbeknown to them, The Wansbeck Association of the BUF had prepared an ambush.

As the Anglican League transports made their way down the main street they came under small arms fire, losing one man from a truck, but 2 men from the Bishops own car. Quickly disembarking from one of the trucks they returned fire, while the rest made their way across the bridge towards the inn. At this point they came under yet more fire as a Vickers machine gun opened up. As the ongoing shootout continued casualties began to mount on both sides. Eventually the Anglican League located their informer and made good their escape.

Forces involved

Anglican League command section - 5 men with rifles mounted in a van.
2 x 10 men rifle sections with 1 LMG mounted in trucks

BF Command section - 5 men with rifles and a staff car
2 x 9 men rifle sections with 1 LMG
1 Vickers HMG support team.


Ray Rousell said...

Looks like a great game, this period seems to really be taking off!!

Rodger said...

Lovely looking table there Scotty.