Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 Report and 2012 Plans

Well, it’s that time of year again where I can look back on what I have achieved in wargaming terms and what 2012 will hold. Below were my plans for 2011.

Greeks - I've got some figures from 1st Corps and Immortal Miniatures. Approx 70 figures, these are still in the paint pile.

ECW – I actually managed to complete about 70% of this project from my original plan. It stands at approx 7 regiments of foot, 12 squadrons of horse and 2 artillery pieces

ACW – This project has stalled recently, but it got much larger than my original intention of 1 union and rebel corps.

EL Cid – This never got off the ground. I’ve gone off WAB and I’m looking into other rule sets, probably Hail Caesar for 2012.

So what else did I paint up? Firstly some Lord of the Rings figures, I’ve put together 2 useful forces of Gondorians and Rohirrim. Staying on the fantasy theme, I’ve painted up quite a largish undead force with the idea of ‘The Terror of the Lichemaster’ in mind.

I’ve also got plans to get more into the Franco Prussian War and have already made progress on the Wurttemberg Division from XI Corps.

A total change in direction was my Dystopian Wars fleet. This came quite late in the year and seemed to capture everyone’s imagination at the club. Other than these it has been a few odd figures, such as Pirates, Anglo Saxons etc. Just whatever took my fancy.

On the gaming front I have managed to get involved in 2 historical re fights up at Mick’s, Gettysburg and Antietam, look forward to more. At the club I have enjoyed a number of ECW, ACW, SAGA and Dystopian wars games. I also found some time to get in some Role-playing, namely AD&D. Even managed to run a WFRP campaign.

Painting for 2012

Greeks – I still want to do these, though maybe later in the year. Always loved to have a hoplite force.

ECW - I want to fill out my cavalry forces as some of the units appeared under strength. There is also another regiment of foot to paint.
ACW - I want to paint up the last of my 15mm ACW figures for Gettysburg, namely Pickett’s Division and the rest of the Union I Corps.

FPW – I need to finish my Wurttemburgers and then start on a second Division, not sure if it will be Baden or Prussian.

Dystopian Wars – Finish of my FSA fleet and likely start another, either Prussian or Britannia, this would give me an opponents for games against my nephews.

Well that’s all I can think of at the moment, know doubt it will change when the latest figures get released. Thanks to everyone who follows this blog, much appreciated.

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Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Good luck on achieving your goals!