Sunday, 6 November 2011

more SAGA dice

Well one of the lads at the club has agreed to give the SAGA rules a run out on Thursday. We'll probably start with just a 4 point game as we'll probably spend plenty time thumbing through the rules. For a layout I'm going to use four of the boards from our viking layout that we used at the border reiver show 2 years ago Now this has prompted me to finish off making up some SAGA dice. I've already done some for the welsh (typically my opponent wants to use vikings) so I done 8 for the Anglo-Danes and 4 for the Normans.

Saxon Dice

Norman dice

A comparison shot between my home made dice and the official ones. Obviously the real things are superior, but you have to pay your money for them at £12.00 for 8. (Obviously I'll be using my viking dice and the others at the club can use the homemade dice until they get their own).


Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Nice one, always more fun to make things yourself than buy them... did you carve/paint or use stickers?

scotty said...

I use stickers that I downloaded from the SAGA forum

Ray Rousell said...

The dice look fine to me!!!! Well worth downloading the images, rather than buying them.

Rodger said...

Nice dice. Works for me.