Friday, 21 October 2011

First Dystopian wars game

Well, on Thursday I took part in my first Dystopian War game. Must say the rules are quite easy to pick and make for quite an enjoyable game. When the fleets were all laid out I realised  I was in trouble. There were 2 Britannia fleets, 1 @ 1000pts the other 800pts. Blazing sun had a 1000pt fleet and the Prussian with 2 1000pts fleets. Then there was little old me with a paltry 630pts FSA. Some careful maneuvering was required to keep my fleet intact.

The Scenario revolved around the Brits holding the Galapagos islands with 1 fleet awaiting support from the second fleet. The rest of us were out to stop them. The game didn't start too well for me with my dive bomber squadron getting severely mauled by some Brit frigates and their pesky AA guns. However my one joy was when my own cruisers sank a Brit frigate and damaged one of their cruisers. In the rest of the battle the Brit submarines were proving their worth against the Blazing sun cruisers while one of the Prussian battleships attempted to take on a dreadnought single handily and came of worse.

Now though the arms race begins as each player is realising the usefulness of certain ships as I myself am pondering the purchase of a dreadnought (well everyone else has got one). As you can gather I still need to get some batteries for the camera but should remember next week for the conclusion of the game.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good sounding batrep, tempted by the range and saw some lovely stuff at SELWG.

scotty said...

The figures are lovely, much preferred the Britannia fleet but 2 others at the club were already collecting them and no-one was doing the FSA

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

That sounds really tense! Can't wait to see the pics.