Sunday, 3 October 2010

worm fences

Been busy constructing some more worm fences. Did another 4ft using wooden toothpicks. I have also done 2ft using modelling matchsticks, mainly because I had a bag of couple of thousand of the things just waiting to be used. I was going to get them all undercoated a nice chocolate brown but just like the Ryder cup the weather is against me and I cannot get into the garden to use the spray. I'll post some pictures of the final models when I get a chance.

On the painting front, things have slowed slightly (decorating the bedroom, I have managed to paint the Corp Commander stand for Sickles to complete Union III Corps. There is also 1 further confederate brigade done for Rodes' Division. I have also purchased two units of painted confederates from a colleague at the club, who had them gathering dust on the shelf. I don't need them for CSA II Corps and so have used them to Start Anderson's Division from III Corps.

On the purchasing front, I received an order from Warrior miniatures, this gives me all the cavalry required for Buford's Division, enough infantry to do Caldwell's Division form the union II Corps and some accompanying officers.

On the painting table is the last brigade from Rodes' division and Ewell's Corp stand.

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