Sunday, 1 August 2010

Update part II

Made a start on the game boards, gave all a good coat of PVA glue to help seal them. Best to leave for 24 hours. The boards are 2ft x 2ft hardboard, been lying around the club for years and only occasionally used (the other side is painted green). During the week I'll try to get to the club and make a start on sculpting the polystyrene.

I've purchased the Impetus Ancients rules along with the army list from book 2. Only had a quick read and like the look of them. I've been using WAB for years, but seem lately to be enjoying the games a bit less. These could be the change I need to re ignite my enthusiasm for ancients.

In preparation for a re fight of Gettysburg in 2011 with Mick, Mike and Jon, I made my first purchase of figures from Peter Pig. I'll be putting together the Confederate II corps. The irony of this is that I used to have 2 of the divisions previously painted (mainly old glory and table top minis), I sold them when my brother unexpectedly sold his union troops and left me without an opponent.

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