Saturday, 19 June 2010


Well work continues on the vikings, though slowly. managed to finish 3 more figures and complete building the longship, this just needs undercoating and a friend will paint it up for me allowing me to concentrate on the game boards and the rest of the figures.

Been a little distracted on this project first with the World up (though how much longer after Englands performance last night). Also dug out my old 2nd edition Blood bowl and played a couple of games with my nephews who promptly made off with the game for further practice. Forgot how much I used to enjoy playing this. Got inspired and quickly painted up a 2nd Human team with a couple of converted blitzers, just need to finish basing the Ogre. Also purchased another plastic Human team for my nephews off Ebay for them to paint up and share. They went for a simple Silver and Black colour scheme ala Oakland Raiders.

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