Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Is this the curse for all wargamers. Always promised myself I would never do it, but.....As I've got a large Fall of the West WAB game coming up in April I made the brave decision to re base the army as the current bases looked a little shabby and no longer to my taste.
To do
9 legions @ 24 figures each
3 units archers @ 10 figures each
2 units light horse @ 7 figures each
3 units Cavalry @ 10 figures each
1 unit Cataphract @ 12 figures
2 bolt throwers and 1 stone thrower
that's approx 280 figures....gulp and this does not include the 55 Huns, 120 Germanic foot and 30 Germanic horse....What have I started

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Jon Whitehouse said...

I know mate i keep on thinking the same with my figures. may rebase them over the winter.