Friday, 12 March 2010

Battle of Sheepwash Bridge

After their defeat at Stotts farm, the Bishop of Newcastle has linked up with a company of Scots Nationalists and has begun fortifying the bridge at Sheepwash. These developments alerted the Local regular armed forces in garrison who quickly dispatched a company of regulars supported by a platoon of militia to force a crossing of the River Wansbeck

The Bishop of Newcastle and Entourage

Overview of the Battlefield

Royalists advance on the Bridge

Anglican League and Scots defend the Bridge

Anglican league sortie across a footbridge and deliver a devastating volley into the unsuspecting regulars.

The royalist attack eventually ground to a halt after sustaining heavy casualties amongst both the regulars and militia. Unconfirmed reports claim only light casualties for the Anglican league and Scots. Following this reversal the Royalist now find themselves on the receiving end of an auditious attack by the League and Scots on the town of Bedlington as they try to cease the 2 coal mines. It is also widely believed that Lord Clifford and elements of the Border Horse have thrown in their lot with the League.