Friday, 19 February 2010

VBCW - Raid on Stott's farm

Umpired my first game of VBCW today, with my 2 nephews taking on the leading roles commanding the respective Royalist and Anglican League forces. The scenario was based on the AL hiding out at Stotts farm, which was being used as a staging area for smuggled weaponry. The royalist forces under the command of a BF officer were out to arrest the miscreants.
First blood went to the royalist as they managed to pick off a couple of the AL sentries, after which a heavy exchange of fire took place with the AL having the worst of it. Eventually despite the arrival of some reinforcements the AL were forced to flee the farm abandoning their weapon cache and a prized armoured car to the victorious Royalist forces.
All in all a very enjoyable game, fast flowing using the rules from Empress miniatures. Shame I forgot to take the camera to get some pictures

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