Saturday, 16 January 2010

Very British Civil War

I'm just getting interested in the 'Very British Civil War', so far I have painted and based 20 renegade WW1 Brits as the start of a battalion of regulars/TA, got another platoon on the painting table with 3 machine guns. Made an order with Musketeer miniatures for 4 packs of their militia. I am also utilising some Boers that I had lying around (17 of them) as militia (easily usable as farmers from the Duke of Portland's estate). I also ordered some Boer cavalry with the intention of using headswaps, probably Mk1 helmets to use as Lord Clifford's Border Horse.

I have also painted up a Lledo model van that I picked up off eBay and will use it as a ammo truck in games. For rules I intend to use those freely downloadable from Empress miniatures.
I'll post some pictures once my camera is working again of how the project is proceeding.

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