Sunday, 27 December 2009

Decision made

Well, I've finally decided I'm going to take the Imperial Army for Micks. I currently have 3 Cuirassiers regiments and 3 dragoon regiments already painted. I can then add 3 of my Saxon Cuirassier regiments (they fought as part of the Imperial army at 1st Hochstadt). For the infantry I currently have 4 Franconian, 1 Swabian, 1 Westphalian, 2 Austrian, 2 Ansbach and 3 Palatine battalions painted, grand total of 13. I have already started on another 3 Franconian battalions which will leave me about 2-3 battalions short. Looks likely to be 2 further Swabian battalions and possibly their combined grenadiers. If it comes to the worst I can again press gang in a few of the Saxon battalions). So far I have no artillery, though I do have 12 models to paint up, though should only need about 6 of these.

On to other projects - well Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games has caught my eye, so with Christmas pressie money 1 rule book purchased and awaiting delivery. I also managed to dig out 10 old space craft that I think came form Ground Zero games many years ago, probably have to check their website to see what types they are. They'll do for trying out the rules.

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