Monday, 19 October 2009

Minden 1759

Sunday saw me involved in a refight of the battle of Minden, I didn't know too much about this battle except that it was an allied victory and the British infantry performing very well. This time I was determined it would go differently. I was given command of the French left flank which included their Saxon allies, Jon took the centre and Mike (C in C) took the French right. Our opponents were Harry with the allied right, Mick in the centre and Charlie (C in C) the left. To say the early stages were slightly difficult is an understatement. On our left the British and Hanovarian infantry did heavy damage to my first line of infantry who gamely hung in until the second line could reinforce them. These extra fresh troops began to tip this flank into my favour and forced the allies back. The French centre struggled to deploy and saw heavy casualties mount up especially among the grenadiers. Eventuually Jon formed up and began to push the allied centre back, even being able to send a full brigade of infantry to support my counter attack. The French right wing, predominatly cavalry was severley worsted by the allied horse in early exchanges and only the eventual arrival of infantry support turned the tide in their favour. All in all a great game with great opponents. The figures are from Mick's collection, the rules were a homemade set by Mick which facilitate fast play and were very effective. I've added some photos I managed to take of the battle.

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