Sunday, 23 August 2009

Some Pictures

As promised a couple of photos of the troops I have done so far.

First up - Bayreuth Dragoons

Swabian - Hohenzollern Dragoons

Austrian Infantry Regiment Baden-Baden
Austrian Infantry Regiment - Alt Daun (not at Friedlingen)
All the figures above are from Warrior Miniatures except the Grenadiers who are from Essex. The figures from Warrior miniatures are very nice and at a very reasonable price. My Saxon force is all Dixon miniatures, while the Piedmont Savoy are a mix of Dixon, Warrior as well as some Donnington and Roundway. Most of the figures are compatible though the Donnington infantry are very large.
I currently have the Swabian Cuirassier Regiment Stauffenberg awaiting basing. These are from the Dixon range.

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