Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Well my figures arrived last weekend from those nice chaps at Warrior miniatures, gives me enough figures for 4 battalions of infantry and 4 regiments of Dragoons (or 8 squadrons for Lily banners.) They even threw 4 extra brigadiers as after the weekends gaming I realised I am significantly short in this area. I've already got 1 unit of Dragoons on the paining table, they'll be the Ansbach Schmettau regiment, (usefull as they fought in Dutch annd Saxon service as well as part of the Imperial army).

This week at the club me and Jon are planning another large game of Lily Banners, hopefully a couple of other club members will help out as well as my 2 nephews who seem keen on wargaming at the moment

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beechav7 said...

Attended the wargaming club for the first time in a few years, i was impressed by the setup of the large scale battles, look forward to attending again and getting my Dragoons and Currasiers into the thick of battle, frustrating when they refuse to move..!